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This project has now been published. The abstract reads as follows:-

In the United States, the Magnet Recognition Program® is an established nursing-oriented organizational model. Accredited Magnet hospitals succeeded in attracting and retaining qualified nurses. This demonstrated the future potential of this model. However, a direct transfer of the model to European conditions seemed to be limited. It raised questions in relation to a European model that provide pointers on how to organise the hospital of the future. This exploratory and descriptive study attempted to create a European framework in order to make recommendations for the hospital of the future. The following recommendations were made:-

1. Designation of Nursing as a connecting health profession.

2. In-depth structural integration of Nursing into the hospital organization.

3. Lived professionalism and quality.

André Heitmann, Rosana Svetić Čišić & Iris Meyenburg-Altwarg



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