About us

Promotion of Research and Literature

Florence implements research projects in the areas of study:-

Nursing Science
Nursing Management
Nursing Informatics
Nursing Education

The projects are complementary and an extension to the work carried out by existing research institutes.

Theory-practice transfers and application-oriented nursing solutions have a high priority in the research. A panel of experts, who have volunteered to support us in our program, advise us in selecting the projects.

The resultant studies are subsequently published on the Website of Florence, together with the accompanying abstracts. In pursuance of the aims and objectives of Florence, these abstracts are translated into as many languages as possible within our means and contacts, opening up the geographic, linguistic and cultural borders and overcoming the inhibitions to enable practitioners and students around the globe to have access to this research.

Additionally, and to extend our service and assistance to practitioners and students world-wide, original papers, keynote articles and research findings are selected by us together with our advisory panel of experts, taking into account international scientific criteria, for presentation on our website.

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